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Little Witch Pumpkin Template

Little Witch Pumpkin Template

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DOES NOT include male transfer

✅ Full color DTF printing
✅High Printing Quality

Application Instructions:

🌡️Temperature 180 °C
⏳Time: 15 seconds
🪛Pressure : Medium
🔌Preheat the area between 10 to 15 seconds to eliminate moisture
🎞️Remove film totally cold
🔆Reinforce with a third ironing of 5 seconds with the same removed film or Teflon

And ready 💕

💲Price already includes VAT
📐Measure approx 25 cm wide by proportional

‼️Obten $50 pesos discount from 10 pieces or $200 from 20 pieces
(On the total of your cart)

➡️They can be the same or different models including DTF UV
☑️It is applied automatically, you do not require a coupon

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